On the Road

I recently heard a storyteller explain the difference between a
{road trip} and being {on the road}. A {road trip} has a destination and timebound. {On the road} is purposeful, yet it ebbs and flows at your will – destinations are planned along the way as are the time spent at the destinations. Life is lived more at will. It appears that we are going {on the road} starting this next week.

Ironically, {on the road} contradicts everything Dave and I have ever been, yet fits with everything we have become. We were married our last year of college, and took on life soon after graduating. As Dave developed his career, I backed off, staying home to raise our three cuties. We pursued the American dream – homes, cars, debt, and found ourselves in a challenging situation when the economy imploded. Instead of strapping ourselves to another 9am – 5pm (more accurately 8am – 7pm) to afford our life, we decided to downsize – traded in the house for a trailer and took off {on the road}. Lots of change, many unplanned “new” roads to follow, and the ability to continue as life ebbs and flows and God reveals His plan for us. So, three kids, a mom, a dad, and the open road.

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