The Flight

The Grahams have sold their home, have telecommuting jobs, and have decided to hit the road for a few months- mom, dad, and three kids nestled into a Chevy Suburban, pulling a trailer – before settling back into “life”.

They want to explore God’s creation, enjoy each other, and see parts of America they have never seen. Looking forward to the next few months and whatever they may hold…

The {Flight}: Heading North from southern California. From there? Oregon, Washington… Where to next? We will see…

The {Trailer}: A 2004 27′ long travel trailer. Includes bunk beds for the kids and a queen for the parents. A fridge and freezer and kitchen for enjoying homecookin’ on the road.

The {Mom}: A stay-at-home mom, who loves her family, loves exploring, enjoys being active and cooking, and loves to write and share. Praises God for today and His plan in His timing…

The {Dad}: Marketing/Branding/Web guy, loves being a dad and being with the fam! Fisherman/Surfer/Runner/Learner/Builder who loves the Lord!

The {Oldest}: A six year-old who loves to read, run, and teach/help her siblings. She is a great helper to mom, curious, and excited about learning and discovering.

The {Middle}: A very active 4 year-old boy who loves to run, play, build, and destroy. He likes legos, dirt, trucks/planes/trains, and having fun. He has a sweet disposition and is always thinking of others.

The {Youngest}: A crazy 2 year-old girl who enjoys being a sweetheart and stinker, climbing, cuddling with mom, and getting into mischief. She is always on the go, keeping up with the older two.