July 13, 2010

Travels: 16 miles driving around (7899 total miles)
Accommodations: Continued at Bartlesville, OK

Another early morning spinning class – boy was one of my quads sore for a few days after that last one. I felt much better at this one, and it is quite a good workout!

After getting the kids ready and everything, we headed over to Kourtney’s and Dave took the boys for a “boys day” and the girls stayed home with a babysitter. Kourtney and I ran a couple errands, went to her OB appointment (I got to sit in a silent waiting room and read for a few minutes), and then went to a lunch for one of her friend’s birthdays. It was a very nice morning and afternoon. It was nice hanging out with some moms, having some away time from kids, and we had yummy food – including an extremely dense brownie with mocha frosting from The Pioneer Woman Cookbook – amazing and rich!

When we got back the little girls were sleeping, and I took Kenz downtown to get a couple little presents. It was nice having a few minutes with her since I really haven’t seen much of her (Campbell and Mackenzie are literally joined at the hip). The boys got back soon after. “Boy day” included flying these great cardboard airplanes, swimming at the pool at the RV park, watching the Muppets Go to Outer Space, and eating lunch. And Dave is pretty sure they both fell asleep while watching the movie at some point. Dave spent the rest of the day working.

Later that evening, Kyle and Dave indulged in Murphy’s (Dave can elaborate) and watching the Hangover (again Dave can elaborate), the kids went to bed, and Kourtney and I went to her book club. It was nice hanging out with girls again, and it sounds like their book was good The Kids are All Right.

We decided to just spend the night. I was beat.

Dave: Murphy’s is so delicious and so dirty. I follow Kyle’s lead: an open face hamburger (on toasted white bread, of course), topped with a pile of fries, and “gravy over all”. I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks.

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