July 16, 2010

Travels: Winslow, Az to Ventura, Ca – 576 miles (9578 total miles)
Accommodations: Home

After not enough sleep, Dave made us get up and get on the road. Ugh!!! 9:01 (OK time and 7:01 AZ time) and driving. We had a quick breakfast and began another long day of driving (10 hours).

We drove back through the Coconino National Forest and the Kaibab National Forest. And then, at 11:20am we crossed from AZ back into CA and AWFUL roads!! A lovely 112 degrees and the wide open dry, brown desert surrounding us. At the border we were asked the following questions: “Where are you coming from?” Dave: All over the place? CA: Have a good day!”

Just after 5pm we pulled down our street and parked.

Mackenzie: “There are so many Best Westerns.” “Can we just get to Los Angeles?” “Does it snow here?”

Courtney: “I never want to drive again.” “This couldn’t be uglier.” {drive from border to Fillmore.}

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