July 8, 2010

Travels: 16 miles driving around (7768 total miles)
Accommodations: Continued at Bartlesville, OK

Today I will tell about my day starting with the end. I read a book and ate some ice cream after my kids were tucked into bed. My poor, tired son told me, “I just want to go home right now” as he went to sleep after having the biggest temper tantrum I have ever witnessed from any of my children in my past six years of parenting. We were leaving the Craig’s house and he kept unbuckling himself and opening the car door as he screamed LOUD! Finally, he was buckled, still screaming, we drove away. Half-way to the trailer he unbuckled himself, continuing to scream, and threw himself forward onto the driver’s seat. I decided to pray for safety and finish the last mile or so to the trailer instead of going through the buckle – unbuckle battle again. Back at the trailer, we got him to calm down, PJs on, and he was out in about 2 seconds. He was so tired! Mason does not do well when he is hungry, thirsty, or tired, and he was definitely tired.

Mackenzie decided it would be fun to spend the night with Campbell – so we said good-bye and left her there. We had a yummy lasagna dinner, played outside in the evening, and had a pretty mellow day. The girls went to tennis in the morning and then just played all day.

Another day in Bartlesville. Dave set out with a heavy work agenda, and I headed over to the Craig’s for the day.

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