June 16, 2010

Travels: 60 miles driving around (4947 total miles)
Accommodations: Continued at OK RV Park

Another slow morning, got to love it after busy days and too often late nights. I was asking myself this morning why Dave and I have so many late nights and realized that we fill our days with sightseeing, Dave works, playing with the kids, etc. So, the night is the only time to take care of business and anything we want to do in the quiet of the evenings. Anyways, we are tired today and going to bed early tonight.

So, back to today. Today is a VERY WINDY day (35 mph or so) and warm, so I think we had a lot of inside time. This morning, Dave gave Mason a haircut – it looks pretty good. After the barber shop closed, we went on a short drive out to Canyonlands National Park. It was pretty, dry, very deserty. After all the breathtaking beauty our eyes have taken in over the past few days, it didn’t quite compete, so it was a short trip. On the way back, we stopped for ice cream (Dave’s treat for Mason after the long haircut and to reward his cooperation) at a place called Moab Creamery. The kids enjoyed their ice cream and Dave and I got a Falaco (cross between a Falafel and a taco). If you are ever in Moab stop and get this delicious treat and only $2.50. {Tortilla, organic lettuces, tomatoes, red onion, Falafel nuggets, with a Tahini sauce over it, lime squeezed on top}

Back to the trailer, Marin took a nap, the kids watched Lady & the Tramp, Dave worked, and I got dinner ready and did a bit of reading. Ah, the joys of quiet afternoons at home (“home” used loosely). But, home is where the heart is right?

Dinner: Chicken, rice, broccoli bake with Parmesan crust, green salad with vinaigrette, corn bread, and fruit salad.

Courtney: “Kids can be so flexible; it has amazed me. I make sure they get enough sleep and if they don’t one day I adjust the next day. I make sure they eat good healthy food at regular times. We kiss and hug them, laugh with them and talk with them. We discipline them consistently. But other than that every day for us is completely different. Some days spent in the car. Some days out exploring. Visiting a variety of people – some they know and most they don’t, and not always families with kids. Times when they have to be quiet in the trailer because Dave is working or Marin is napping. Times when they have to be quiet in the car for a business call. Times when it rains so much they don’t get to run around outside. They all sleep in a tiny little room together. The girls share a bed. And the number of conflicts has been minimal. They adjust and readjust and bounce back from whatever. They have the greatest little attitudes about whatever we do and however each day goes. Kids are more flexible and resilient that you can imagine.”

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