May 27, 2010

Travels: Port Angeles, WA to Ellensburg, WA – 206 miles (1919 total miles)
Accommodations: Youngquist Family home

Hung out all morning at the Thompson Family Farm. Reluctant to leave after such an enjoyable trip we pulled out around 12:30pm after prying Mackenzie and Mason from the tree house where they had been playing with Jake and Celeste all morning in the rain (Note: Mackenzie in bare feet like the Thompson kids). Loaded up with 2.5 gallons of milk from that morning, lavender, firewood, full bellies, and the gift of new people we headed towards Seattle via the Kingston Ferry. We crossed the snow covered Cascades with their dark rock and pine trees. We drove past lakes on wonderful smooth roads (hmhm California?). The landscape changed drastically from the rainforest of WA to the Cascades and down onto the planes of eastern WA. All beautiful in some way, but Dave and I both noticed a feeling of disappointment leaving the striking green, moist landscape of OR and WA.

We changed directions; having decided that we want to see Montana, Wyoming, etc in the sunshine and a particularly late winter has left rain in the forecast for at least the next week. So we decided to head for warmer climes – Utah, 1050 miles in 3 days to my grandparents in Manila, UT. My mom is flying out Sat – Tuesday, and then we’re headed for Colorado. After Colorado we plan to come back through Utah to see the parks – this is just a quick dip to see the family.

We’ve been incredibly blessed to have absolutely random people inserted into our trip. The Thompsons are long time friends of Dave’s uncle, Sam’s, but we had no plan of stopping there until Sam called Dave about a week ago and suggested stopping by. Tonight we are spending the night in Ellensburg, WA, at the Youngquist Family’s. Young-who you ask? My long time friend Camille is married to Jeremy Youngquist who we just met Saturday, and he suggested we stop by his brother Chad’s home on our journey. So here we are.

Mason: “I had fun playing with Jake, and I love Jake. I had fun playing in the playhouse and milking the cow.”
Mackenzie: “I liked milking the cows, playing with Jake and going in the tree house.”
Marin: “Bye, bye Sharon” “Bye, bye Joy.” (giggle, giggle) “Celeste”– as she climbs around the tree trunk of the tree house.

Mason: “Doesn’t that sound like a toot?” (as he blows into his hands)
Mackenzie: “You toot really loud!”
Mason: “I was tooting super long.”
Dave: “Why do boys do this?”

Mackenzie: “Those are Christmas trees.”
Mason: “Those are Christmas trees, but they aren’t decorated.”
Marin: “Decorated.”
And so the conversation goes…

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