May 28, 2010

Travels: Ellensburg, WA to Twin Falls, ID – 541 miles (2460 total miles)
Accommodations: Walmart. Windy, free Walmart.

We left Ellensburg around 9:30 in the morning heading through Idaho today on our full-bore trek for Utah. It is raining again, although we were told this area gets much less rain than the rest of the state. We drive through dry, rolling hills, sparse trees, and scrub brush. The thick green is gone. We wonder if we will be able to see the beauty in these dry places?

We exited Washington into Oregon, Dave had to stop and work for a couple hours at Starbucks in Pendleton. I spent the 2+ hours entertaining the kids: cartwheels in Starbucks, lunch, running around in a deserted lot full of rocks and dirt – an invisible Superman band-aid had to be applied to Mason after he bailed (thanks Sharon!), races, a bear hunt, iphone, muffin… We got back on the road around 3:30pm, rain following us all the way – wide open planes, dark sky, green grass on chocolate colored soil, as we wound through the mountains.

We stopped in Boise at a Sierra Trading Post and for pizza and then pushed on from 10:15pm to 12:15pm into the Twin Falls Walmart parking lot.

Dave: We haven’t seen the outline of the sun since the day we left California. I can’t wait to see it – I’m going to pull over and bask in my unmentionables no matter how cold it is.


Marin, “More Apple.” Me, “All gone.” Marin, “Apple please.” Me, “They are in the trailer.” Marin, “Apple in trailer, now.” Me, “We can’t stop now.” Marin, “Snack please, stop now.”

Marin, “Jackson the doggie” (over and over, she talks about Jackson whenever she reads this particular animal book.)

Mackenzie, “I wish we had that property. I want my own cow too.” Mason, “I want one too.” Marin, “I milk my cow too, K?”

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