June 4, 2010

Travels: Estes Park, CO to Castle Rock, CO – 128 miles (3523 total miles)
Accommodations: Jellystone RV Park (with authentic Yogi Bear) – water & electric

We had a slow going morning, showers, clean-up, play time at the park, surprisingly no elk sightings, and lego playtime. Sometime after 12, we were hooked up and ready to pull out of our great camp site in Estes Park. We really enjoyed our time here! It was a beautiful drive down the mountain. We stopped at a farm outside of Loveland and got 2 gallons of raw milk. It was a funny experience, but the milk was good and such a better deal than Ventura ($8 per gallon). From there, we headed towards Denver. Neither of us have spent much time in the Denver area – as we approached downtown around 3pm we slowed to a near stop in traffic. Flat plains, tall buildings, and lots of cars – much like L.A. in many ways. Through Denver, past Castle Pines, and just outside of Castle Rock we pulled into the Jellystone RV Park which borders the I-25. Now, don’t be jealous, but there is actually a Yogi Bear that cruises around. After a dinner of taquitos, guac, watermelon, cookies, and raw milk, we went on a walk around this compound, and then off to bed.

Courtney: I miss home today! I miss 72 degree Ventura weather, my friends, church, chickens, our family, fresh produce and our wonderful Farmer’s Markets, and the beach (even though I’m not a lover of the ocean) I miss warm days at the beach…

Dave: Nostalgia defined: “A longing for the past, often in idealized form.” For example: warm days at the beach.

Mackenzie: “Can I go swimming today? The sun is out.”

Mason: “Look at me up here (from the top of a climbing structure), I can see the train.”

Mason: “Fee Fi Fo Fumb” (in a deep voice, over and over again)
Mackenzie: “No Mason, say Fee Fi Fo Bum”
Marin: “Fee Fi Fo Fumb.”

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