June 3, 2010

Travels: 67 miles driving around (3395 total miles)
Accommodations: Continued at Spruce Lake RV Park

The kids and Dave got up before me this morning and had a fun time watching a herd of elk roam around our campground. After I peeled myself out of bed we had breakfast, cleaned-up, the kids played outside, and we headed up the road to Rocky Mountain National Park. Before we even pulled out of the campground we were surrounded by elk. As we entered the park at 8200 feet, there were elk everywhere, and as we drove around more elk. Note: elk are not an endangered species in Estes Park.

We went on a walk/hike around Sprague Lake where you can push a stroller on the wheelchair accessible path. Not much of a hike, but the kids ran and “fished” (a stick being “casted” into the water is fishing). After a little snack, we took a drive around the park and again more elk. There are a lot of elk here, but I think that there may be more park workers. No wonder Colorado’s unemployment is lower than California’s.

We drove up and up. We stopped a couple times to check out the views and scenery. We got closer and closer to the snow… at 11,412 feet we were in the snow and a traffic jam (lots of road work). Breathtaking and high up with NO guard rails!!

Back to camp, we had a relaxing afternoon. The kids played at the park and walked around the pond. I made coconut curry chicken with rice, watermelon, and fresh veggies with hummus for dinner. We went on a little walk, did some laundry and enjoyed the simple and each other.

Dave: I’m tired of seeing elk – they’re everywhere. In other news, I just started planning my 2011 Colorado elk hunting trip. I wore shorts today – Lord it is good to be warm and dry.

Courtney: “Boy were we wrong when we told the kids we wouldn’t see snow on this trip!”

Marin: “Hold me mama, elk eat my toes.” “Elk eat my fingers.” “Papa find the amtelope.” {How sad to think that elk are going to take nibbles of you!}

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