June 7, 2010

Travels: 217 miles driving around (3840 total miles)
Accommodations: Continued at Jellystone RV Park

Today started out as a hard day!! The kids were cranky; I was cranky; Dave was gone for part of the day. After unavailing attempts at coloring, slime (which just turned into a huge mess)… we all went our own ways. Mackenzie and Mason just wanted to be alone, as did I… and we are in a 27’x8′ trailer where there aren’t many places to be alone. Finally, I settled into dishes, Mackenzie into reading a book in our campsite, Mason playing Legos outside, and Marin napping. We all need a bit of space, quiet, downtime, alone time… pretty good to have gone 24 days without reaching this point.

The rest of the day: After lunch, we loaded into the car and headed out to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs (a short 30 minute drive). It was 100 degrees with some much appreciated rain. We walked around the main loop and checked out the interesting rock formations, appreciating the bright red. Back in the car, we made a quick stop at Whole Foods (they don’t have Trader Joe’s in Colorado).

We roasted hot dogs on the grill outside the trailer for dinner which was fun – hot dogs, veggies with hummus – a yummy dinner. I got a shower and then headed off to Carlie’s – she treated me to a pedicure and then I hung out for her girl’s night of drinks, treats, and The Bachlorette. After today, this was a much needed outing… 24 days of no breaks from husband or children. Is that a record of some kind?

Mackenzie: “Can we go swimming again?” “I finished it!” (another book completed).

Mason: “Watch me jump!” “This rocks small.”

Marin: “No Mama, I do it.” “No I tooted.” “I drive it.” (with our car keys in hand)

Courtney: “This trailer is too small.” “Ah, nice pretty toes make me feel so much better.”

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