June 8, 2010

Travels: 46 miles driving around (3886 total miles)
Accommodations: Continued at Jellystone RV Park

After a mellow morning catching up on the blog, coloring, etc. we headed off to the Leach’s house. Carlie and I took the kids and went grocery shopping at Sprouts (a cross between Vons, Trader Joe’s, and Lassens) and then back to her house to let the kids play, take showers, and do laundry! Dave headed off to Starbucks to get some work done. We had a yummy lasagna, french bread, and salad dinner – thanks Carlie! Then, we enjoyed a great thunderstorm from their back porch. Our kids have had a great time playing with their kids.

Washed, fed, and laundered we headed back to the trailer. Kids to bed. Dave and I to movie.

Mason: “I want a door to my room instead of a slidy thing.” “I want a door that slides open by itself.”

Mackenzie: “Are we on top of a mountain?”

Courtney: “A travel struggle is finding a place to be alone for a minute or access to what you need when you need it. Dave is working on the bed which is also the “door” to my closet and such.”

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