June 9, 2010

Travels: 70 miles driving around (3956 total miles)
Accommodations: Continued at Jellystone RV Park

We woke upĀ  to a very windy day and a sick six-year old. Mackenzie complained of feeling bad from the time she woke up, and around 8am she threw up showing us just how sick she felt. Poor thing! So, tentative plans to explore Boulder today were put off in exchange for a day at camp. I took Marin and did a bit more grocery shopping at Whole Foods which was also just a nice outing. After lunch Dave took Mason to wash the truck and hang out. It was nice to be in – I made muffins and baked oatmeal for the morning, did my Bible study, read, and played with the kids. Poor Kenz continued to have a high fever all day and got in a lot of sleeping. We will see how she is tomorrow. After dinner and with the kids to bed, I sat out in our campsite and read Omnivore’s Dilemma. It was so relaxing – cool breeze, clear sky, quiet, alone.

Dinner for the menu lovers: Chili/Cheese/Black Bean/Tomato Enchiladas topped with sour cream, avocado, and these yummy jalapenos*; Green Salad; and fresh apricots.

*Jalapeno tip: La Preferida Organic Jalapeno slices (mild or hot) from Whole Foods – AMAZING!!- thanks for sharing these with us Sean and Carlie!
Ingredients: Organic Jalapeno Peppers, water, organic vinegar, sea salt. Price: $2.99

One of our less eventful days. Please pray that the rest of us don’t contract this sickness, that it isn’t passed onto friends, and for quick healing for Kenz – she felt bad today!!

Mackenzie: “I’m so thirsty. Can I please have something to drink yet?” “I do not want ANYTHING to eat.”

Mason: “I am so tired. I’m going to go to sleep and skip dinner.” {his response the minute he learns he has to eat enchiladas for dinner – which he proceeded to eat coupled with a huge pile of jalapenos, all of his salad and an apricot.}

Marin: “Too spicy.” {coupled with hands covering the mouth; this is after she has been eating her enchilada and hears Mason say that they are spicy.}

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