June 10, 2010

Travels: 210 miles driving around (4166 total miles)
Accommodations: Continued at Jellystone RV Park

Mackenzie’s fever broke last night around 10pm – odd sickness: throw up, high fever and sleep all day, fever breaks. This morning she felt better, so we decided to venture out to Boulder for the afternoon. We walked around the Pearl Street mall: grabbed a bite to eat, watched a contortionist fit himself into a box and tube among other things, window shop, and let the kids play at the various kid play areas. Then, we decided to follow the river that runs through Boulder west up into the mountains and take the “back-way” back to Castle Rock. It was a very scenic drive, topped off with a bear running across the road RIGHT in front of us – so exciting!

Since we arrived back in the Denver area on the late side, we stopped at The Cheesecake Factory for a small bite and some ice cream (yeah for gift cards!) On the drive back to the campground from Lone Tree we saw a double rainbow. Do you know what I mean by “double rainbow”? One full rainbow with another full rainbow on the outside of it. Wow, a bear and a double rainbow all in one day! What are the chances?

Marin: “I tell Omie I see the bear.” “I tell Omie, Granddad.”
Mackenzie: “I will tell Grandma and Terry.”
Mason: “I will tell Grandpa and Grandma Linda.”

Courtney: “I just can’t get used to the speed limits around here: 75 in the Denver area, 65 on some highways, 60 on others, and then 55 on others…”

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