June 20, 2010

Travels: Coconino National Forest to Sedona, AZ – 53 miles (5699 total miles)
Accommodations: Rancho Sedona RV Park – full hookups

We wake up at 8am Utah time (which is now 7am Arizona time) surrounded by pines and well-rested. We get dressed and get back in the truck. We drive 30 minutes or so into Flagstaff. We grab bagels and coffee at Biff’s Bagels. I notice a sign for a farmer’s market close by!! Yeah – veggies, fruit, fresh produce – so excited!

I pick up some tasty tomatoes and a melon. Nothing compares to farmer’s market back home! It was still a nice experience: community feel, ladies weaving sheep wool into yarn, cheeses, oils, nuts, breads, eggs, meat, crafts – quite a variety of fare.

Back in the truck, we head towards Sedona. Ahh! A sign for Los Angeles – home is so close! We keep driving towards Sedona – it is a very windy road making Dave a bit nervous (there may have been a sign about vehicles more than 50 feet not driving this way – how long are we anyways?) It is another beautiful drive. Beautiful, gorgeous, breathtaking – forgive me for saying these words so often. It really is amazing how many drives we have gone on that have to be expressed in such words.

We make it down the canyon into the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona and to the Sedona RV park which is a nice, shaded RV park along Oak Creek.

We settle into our campsite, go to a grocery store that is much like Lassens, and head to the creek to splash about. The kids are a bit weary of the current and slippery rocks, but Dave has fun floating with them on a noodle from one point to another. Mackenzie saw a crawdad and became quite uneasy about the whole thing. Marin couldn’t get enough of the creek and headed for the stronger currents and deeper waters with me trying to hold her back. She can be quite the handful!

Dave: “If I can get the trailer through that parking lot back there I can get it through anything.” {Good thing he had such confidence before we headed down the windy, scenic drive to Sedona!}

Mackenzie: “Ahhh! I saw a green lobster by that rock!” {A crawdad.}

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