June 21, 2010

Travels: 3 miles driving around (5702 total miles)
Accommodations: Continued at Rancho Sedona RV Park

We had Baked Oatmeal for breakfast (I mixed in frozen blueberries and a ripe banana), and enjoyed sitting out in the warm morning air. After we cleaned up, Dave got to work – a busy work day for him – and we packed up to head out for the morning exploring the main street of Sedona.

We took a trolley/shuttle from the parking lot to the main street. We wandered around the very touristy area for a couple hours – stopped at a couple shops to see what they had, got an ice cream, let Mason climb around, let the kids run around a bit, and then took the trolley back and headed to the trailer for lunch.

I made veggie burgers for Dave and I (these are black bean/green chili/brown rice burgers I had made and frozen). I put down a toasted wheat bun topped with a yogurt chili sauce I made, then the burger, some cheddar cheese, lettuce, a slice of tomato, sprouts, and some guacamole. They were delicious and so filling!

The kids played outside in the shade all afternoon – scooters, Legos, dolls, make believe, good times!

Dave still had a lot of work to do, so the kids played outside for a bit while I packed some stuff up for our hotel stay in Scottsdale {Thomas Family Reunion}. Then, I took the kids on a walk and to play on the grass areas around here. Mason of course took the road less traveled and climbed over the rocks and logs and trees that lay across the top of the little hill down to the river. Then, they played in the rocks and tether ball and ran around. As everyone started to fall apart (long, warm day with no rest) we headed back to the trailer to mellow out and cook dinner.

Dinner menu: Grass fed beef burgers with cheddar, avocado, grilled onions, tomato, lettuce, sprouts, and condiments of choice; grapes; peas; and PB chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Yum! We have been thoroughly enjoying these warm evenings eating out on the patio.

Showers, PJs, teeth, and off to bed EARLY for the kids; Dishes for me; Work for Dave. Tomorrow is a short travel day which is nice.

Courtney: “I’m missing my mom group s- hanging out, talking… and my wonderful oven, range, mixer – they make cooking so much easier!”

Marin: “I’m coloring. Just one minute.”

Mackenzie: “Papa, I got a ring and Mason got an airplane book.” {airplane book = free brochure}

Camping Tip: plan meals that reuse and use up ingredients. For example, I got a bag of sprouts and used them in a salad last night, on top of a veggie burger today, and on top of burgers tonight.

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