June 22, 2010

Travels: Sedona, AZ to Phoenix, AZ – 128 miles (5830 total miles)
Accommodations: Casa Lovo, inside in a bed

We finally left to Sedona at 11:30 after a few wrong turns – thanks to my horrible sense of direction. We got to Phoenix, AZ after a short two hour drive (which was nice and appreciated by the kids). It is much warmer in Phoenix than anywhere we have been – 108 degrees or so was the high and the low 82 degrees which is probably sometime in the middle of the night or earlier morning hours. We are visiting an old friend of Dave’s and his family for a couple days.

Jason, Kellie, Aubree, and Mackenzie are the sweetest family – cooking for us, letting our kids turn their house into a toy explosion, swimming, laundry, etc. We have been so blessed with hanging out with the sweetest and most hospitable families! Everyone had fun swimming and playing. We ate dinner and sent the kids to bed. This is only the second time we haven’t slept in our trailer since we left in Mary. It is too hot to sleep in the trailer without hook-ups! I had to remove all the melt-able food, even crayons!

After the kids were tucked in, we watched Sherlock Holmes (I recommend) and ate some homemade strawberry ice cream- yum.

Courtney: “This is an ugly drive.”

Mason: “Papa there are so many cactuses.” {Mason is quite our little observer and the sightseer.}

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