June 23, 2010

Travels: none (5830 total miles)
Accommodations: Continued at Casa Lovo, Phoenix, AZ

The kids were up early this morning! After a good, filling breakfast the kids settled back into playing, Marin took a nap (she was SO tired and worn out), Dave and Jason took off for some manly man errands, and Kellie graciously let me go grocery shopping sans kids (Sprouts and Trader Joe’s).

Another day with highs around 108 degrees, this afternoon the dads took the kids swimming after their morning of crafts, playing, and a movie. I worked on organizing some pictures and then headed out to check on the pool scene. I was quickly greeted with water balloon peltings from my dear, dear husband. Which was quickly followed with getting thrown into the pool fully clothed by my dear, dear husband. Fun times! I proceeded to stay in the pool in my clothes and play with the kids – why change?

More play time, a yummy dinner, more play time with glow sticks, pjs, and tucked into bed for three very tired and sun drained children.

Blog, movie, ice cream, and a bit of quiet time for the adults.

Dave: Jason took me to a pretty nice gun club in town. I couldn’t believe the stuff they had for sale on their walls. Plenty of pre-ban machine guns and silenced submachine guns available for purchase, if you have the cash.

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