June 26, 2010

Travels: none (5878 total miles)
Accommodations: Continued at the Hyatt Regency, Scottsdale

We enjoyed large showers this morning again, got ready for the Thomas Family Picture, and headed out for a quick breakfast and off to the picture. It is pretty impressive to see how quick and efficient these picture go considering that there are 24 people involved including a half-dozen young ones.

After the picture, we had a lovely visit with Dave’s grand-parents! And then we headed off to another day in the hot Arizona sun at the pool. The kids love the pool. Marin is getting around quite well and thinks of herself as a proficient swimmer.

Dave wasn’t feeling too hot (haha) this afternoon so laid around in bed while I tended to the children (j/k- poor guy!) The kids played with their cousins for a long while – coloring, legos, make-believe, outside – it was fun. Then, off to the pool for another round and to dinner. Pretty mellow and simple days here in “resort life”.

Good night sweet friends and family. We love you.

Marin: “I swim by myself.

Marin: “Mama sit there. I swim.” {She thinks she is a water safe fish.}

Cora (cousin): “I have a quad too, but it’s not here.” {Referring to a Lego quad}

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