June 27, 2010

Travels: Scottsdale, AZ to Farmington, NM – 449 miles (6327 total miles)
Accommodations: Walmart – woo hoo

We had a slow morning: ate breakfast, packed up, Dave and I ran an errand while Nancy (Grandma) took the kids to the pool for a bit.

After sad good-byes (we sure do love this bunch and will miss them!!), we left our nice, cushy hotel stay and headed back to the Lovo’s to pick up the trailer. After unloading all our stuff from the hotel stay and the adorable little backpacks Kellie Lovo made each of the kids, we pulled out of Phoenix around 2pm. Back on the road…

Today was planned to be a long drive; we were hoping to make it all the way to Farmington, NM. We drove north back through Flagstaff and on the 85 coming into Flagstaff. We saw remnants from the fire. We also stopped in Flagstaff to get Mason some flip flops; you don’t even know how nice 90 degrees felt to us! We continued driving and “pop” went a trailer tire – pulled over in a very precarious spot Dave proceeded to change the tire. About half way through a state trooper came and turned his lights on to help protect Dave from the big rigs whizzing by him. Then back on the road, much of our drive through Navajo Reservation lands – a very dry desert. Today was a quiet day – the kids read, colored, listened to a story, Marin napped, and then they watched A Bug’s Life before cozying up in their carseats/boosters and going to sleep. We also had MANY potty breaks interjected into the drive – girls!! We drove until midnight when we finally pulled into Farmington, NM and the Walmart parking lot. Ah – fast asleep!

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