June 29, 2010

Travels: 16 miles driving around (6514 total miles)
Accommodations: Continued at the Sky Mountain Resort, Chama, NM

We woke up at 9! I think we were all so tired from the travel the day before – Mason slept from 6pm-9am; the girls slept a little less. When we finally rolled out of bed Grandpa and Grandma Linda were already up. We started on the dishes from last night and making breakfast and around 10 we all sat down to a delicious breakfast.

Dave had to work all day, so we all just hung out at the campsite. John sharpened our knives. Grandpa and Grandma Linda watched the kids some and took them on the walk giving me the chance to take care of some fun administrative tasks. The kids really needed some time to explore and play outside and have nothing to do, so it was good for them. I needed to get situated and relax too and what better place than next to a beautiful river!

The dirty kids got baths and then pjs, potty, and stories by 7. Linda made dinner and the adults indulged in another quiet, kid-less dinner with great conversation. Then, we played goofy bridge which was a blast. I got killed the first round and then somewhat redeemed myself in the second round.

Mason: “Hey Mom, can you pause it so Kenz can hear it all?” {regarding storytime}

Dave: I haven’t camped with my dad in a long time. It’s been fun to have our trailers parked next to each other – hopefully a tradition we can keep in the future.

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