June 30, 2010

Travels: Chama, NM to Childress, TX – 527 miles (7041 total miles)
Accommodations: Walmart

We left Chama, NM after a great time with Dave’s dad John and his wife Linda. It was a beautiful spot, along the Rio Chama (river) with some great company. The kids had fun with their grandparents as did we. We had a nice breakfast (thanks Linda!), packed up, quickly celebrated John’s bday, loaded up and pulled out. Back on the road. We had a late start; we didn’t leave until around 1:30pm.

This was a long trek that we weren’t looking forward to – Chama, NM to Fort Worth, TX (over the next 1 – 2 days, we weren’t sure). Not only were we not looking forward to the length, we had low expectations for the sites we would see, and I wasn’t feeling too well.

We were right about the length – it was a very long day. For sure, my hardest travel day yet – I just didn’t feel well. The drive on the other hand turned out to be prettier than expected. We again traversed through pines and then down to desert, red sand, and the occasional rock formation in the distance. At times the highway was lined with these beautiful, delicate purple/white bunches of flowers. We have seen so many different terrains on this trip! We have gone over mountains. Around mountains. Through mountains. And between. Down to deserts and then back up to mountains and down to deserts. So interesting how many times the landscapes change!

There was an amazing sunset – comparable to sunsets in Hawaii and a huge full moon. We decided to drive as far as we could tonight, since the kids were asleep, and we wanted to spend as much time with Micah as we could.

At 1:15am I had drifted off to sleep and Dave was still driving and determined when he sees sparks out of his window from our trailer tires. Another tire had blown out, so we pulled over somewhere on the 40 in TX. Dave proceeded to change another trailer tire (thankfully we had bought another spare on our way to Chama!).

Back on the road. We pulled into the Walmart in Childress, TX around 2am. Let me tell you this is the busiest Walmart we have seen for overnight parking! In bed and fast asleep.

Family Info:

-Mackenzie is reading Mrs. Piggle Wiggle’s Magic
Marin spent a good chunk of time on her Elmo phone which she calls her “LaLa phone” {LaLaLaLa Elmo’s world – get it?} She had a long conversation with “Lanna” {Miss you cousin!!}.
-Mason continues to be our little sight seer – always pointing out the sites he sees and whatever observation he pulls from them. He is partial to large motorized vehicles.
-CDs in our CD player: Josh Nordgren, Patty Griffin,


-We saw police in one part of NM driving navy blue Impalas with no markings. The policeman were actually wearing stone colored docker looking pants, black polos, gun belts…

-We have driven through many poor area over the past few days. Native American reservations around here seem to really be struggling to say the least. Sad, sad state of affairs.

-Hot, desert areas were more populated than cooler temp, mountainous areas. Odd to me!

-The number of crosses with flowers and the like that we have seen along the roads is shocking.

-There are drunk driving awareness signs along the roads quite often. Numbers to call in case you see a suspect, signs encouraging sobriety, etc.

-The big full moon (white in color) turned a red orange for awhile and then back to the normal whitish color of the moon. Anyone?

-Drove past a sign for Lake Mackenzie somewhere in Texas

Dave: “This is beautiful except for the red dirt – I am so tired of red.

Marin: “I love you mom.”

Mason: “I just don’t know when we are going to be in Texas.

Dave: “I just remembered that when we were planning this trip I had a dream that I got a ticket in Amarillo.” {As we approach Amarillo}

Courtney: “I feel like junk.

Mackenzie: “How far is it from Ventura to Texas – right where we are?

Marin: “Sissy, shush up. No, I wake up.” {10pm TX time}

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