July 1, 2010

Travels: Childress, TX to Fort Worth, TX – 232 miles (7273 total miles)
Accommodations: Chateau Micah Hayes

We groggily rolled out of our beds around 7am. It was warm; we needed to get new tires for the trailer; and we needed to get to Fort Worth. Conveniently, Walmart has tires for travel trailers, so we pulled around to the tire department and got four new tires. Unfortunately the trailer was too big to fit in the bay, and the workers couldn’t work outside the bay, so Dave had to remove each of the wheels, take it in, and then put it back on after they changed the tire. $540 later at 9:24am we were back on the road.

The drive was very pretty. Lots of plains covered in green grass, some rolling hills, old barns, little towns you drive right through…  And around 10:24am it started pouring on us to the point where we couldn’t even see the dividing line on the highway, and we started to hydroplane (a bit nerve wracking with a 29′ trailer connected to you!) {Calm down mothers – Dave is a very good driver :)} and then the rain stopped.

We continued on our way, past cows, fields, tractors, more rolling plains of green grass and trees, small towns, water towers galore… Around 1:30pm we pulled into the big city of  Fort Worth and headed to Micah’s house.

We had some lunch, hung out, Marin got bitten by some red ants, we discovered the trailer wouldn’t be in the driveway and we would be sleeping in the house, and we took showers – ah, how we love showers!

The kids were beat and went to bed early after dinner. Micah had some friends over for dinner (Indian stew- very tasty, salad, and appetizers), so we hung out with orchestra musicians, university professors, and med students. It was an interesting and fun evening. We were amazingly able to stay up which was a blessing. And then off to bed – Dave bunked with Mason, and I slept with the girls. Nice and cozy!

Mackenzie: “Micah knows Ventura speak, doesn’t he?” {She had noticed the different accents when walking around Walmart}

Courtney: “You know, I kind of like the feeling of humidity.” {It was only 75}
Dave: “Are you nuts?

Marin: {singing over and over} “I love Mama.”

Marin: “Papa train track song.” {Dave sings “I’ve been working on the railroad”} Marin sings, “Train track song.” {over and over again}

Marin: “I sing my own song.” {these are the actual words to her song that she sings over and over again}

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