July 3, 2010

Travels: Fort Worth, TX to Bartlesville, OK – 352 miles (7636 total miles)
Accommodations: Riverside RV Park & Kourtney and Kyle Craigs Home

Dave and Micah had a late night working on installing can lights in Micah’s  kitchen – they started late and got done later, but it turned out looking great! We had a slow morning getting going – got some laundry done, Dave got some work done, cleaned up a bit, packed our stuff back into the trailer, and ate some breakfast.

We got on the road around 1pm and headed toward Oklahoma. And then, Micah called because we forgot my cast iron pan, so we turned around. Then, we got back on the road at 1:10pm and headed towards Oklahoma. We had some rain on the drive, the kids took naps, Dave saw a dead armadillo on the side of the road,  and it was an overall mellow drive for the first few hours. After that the kids got a bit antsy; we got a bit antsy; and the drive seemed to take FOREVER! I think the last 45 miles were the worst- rain, construction detours, loud kids…

Finally around 6:30pm, we pulled into Bartlesville, Oklahoma exhausted and excited and ready to jump out of the truck and not get back in for awhile! We parked the trailer at the RV park we are staying at and Kyle met us there. I took some stuff and headed over to Kourtney’s in Kyle’s car while the guys got the trailer set up.

My kids were beside themselves with excitement. We pulled up to their cute house and the kids ran to the door (we hadn’t seen them in a year). Lots of hugs! We were very excited to see them to say the least.

We had a nice, mellow evening – Kourtney made dinner, the kids ran around and played (much needed), then eventually they fell asleep. It was a great night. Lots of good conversation and catching up!

FYI: Kourtney and Kyle were our next door neighbors in Ventura when we lived on Brent for quite a few years. They moved in when Campbell (their oldest) and Mackenzie were 4 and 5 months old. The girls spent almost every day together until they moved when the girls were 3 1/2 – they had such a neat, special relationship. They still don’t miss a beat when they see each other – there is no initial shyness, just hugs and lots of talking. While they were living in Ventura, they had a little boy named Griffin who is a bit older than Mason – he used to call Mason “May May” back in the day. And after they left, they had a little girl named Ava Kate who is a bit older than Marin – they haven’t spent much time together. We spent a lot of time with the Craigs while they were in Ventura and became great friends – we were so sad when they moved away! Kourtney is now pregnant with their 4th!

Marin: “Mama, I look at the buffalo.” {There weren’t any – but the kids thought they may find some.”

Kids: “Yeah, Oklahoma!”

Marin’s song of the day: “I come to Campbell’s house.  Yeah! Ding, dong, ding, dong.”

Mason: “I’m going to be a Troodon for Halloween this year.”
Mama: “Where are we even going to live for Halloween.”
Marin: “Oklahoma!” {Where does she get this stuff? Such a funny girl!}

Mackenzie: {The girls weren’t going to sleep, so I went in to encourage sleep.} “Mom, we have so many stories to tell each other, and if we stop now we will forget.”

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