May 21, 2010

Travels: 0 miles (1318 total miles)
Accommodations: Continued at the Wallace Family home

We had a mellow day. The Wallaces were all gone today, so we just had some down time. We went on a walk in the morning around their housing development. The kids road scooters which was a good use of their bottled up energy. We saw deer and a bald eagle and signs that say “Tsunami Danger Zone” which was amusing. Then, we came back and Dave worked and the kids played. The Wallaces returned in the evening and we spent some time catching up and having family dinner. Fun times!

I grew up a few blocks from the Wallaces. I made myself an extra child in their home and Camille in my home. They moved when we were in 4th grade, but we kept in touch for awhile and as life can go, we lost touch in our adult years. Catching up was great, and we had fun!

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