June 1, 2010

Travels: Manila, UT to Loveland, CO – 373 miles (3290 total miles)
Accommodations: Walmart. Free Walmart.

We pulled out of my Oma and Opa’s house in Manila today at 2:15pm after a filling lunch, hugs and kisses to mom and grand-parents, a jar of homemade cherry jam and some homemade bread in hand. It was nice to see everyone. I can’t believe I may not see my mom for another two months!

We pulled down the dusty road with rain sprinkling our truck and headed towards the Utah/Wyoming border. It rained off an on all day as we drove through Wyoming’s vast and open planes. There was snow against the snow barriers along much of the road and in patches, rivers, cows, few towns, and few cars. As we approached Cheyenne things became strikingly beautiful. I can’t even put into words the picture that lay before us: dark clouds with the sun shining through from underneath, the Wyoming planes sprawling towards the snow covered Rockies in the distance. It was breathtaking!

We pulled into Walmart in Loveland CO around 9:30pm and hear from the back seat the never to be mistaken sound of projectile vomit coming from our sweet two-year old followed by the squeal of our six-eyear old as the puke landed on her and everywhere else in the truck. Marin had been telling us for the past hour that her tummy hurt. She turned out to be fine – who knows too much food, too much car, too much altitude?  An hour or so later, we had the puke covered car and carseat cleaned up, the kids in clean pjs tucked into bed, and ourselves situated for the evening.

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